Recombinant GAD protein for Preclinical Research

Diamyd Medical offers direct and continuous delivery of high quality GMP manufactured GAD65 protein, which can be used for mechanistic studies and therapy development in preclinical research. For possibilities regarding applications in clinical development, contact us via email, 


  rhGAD65 (45-08029-01)

Pure concentrated protein in process buffer

  T-cell GAD65 (10-65702-20-01)

Biologically compatible RPMI buffer with 1mg/ml HSA

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T-cell GAD65 and rhGAD65 is offered to academia and industry for preclinical research purposes only and may not be used in humans. The batch numbers noted below are shipped by default, but others are available on request (e.g. rhGAD65 batches 10-65702-01, 45-11011).

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