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    Developing therapies

    for type 1 diabetes

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    Intralymphatic immunotherapy

    with Diamyd®

Key Scientists for Recombinant Protein Manufacture

We welcome candidates with relevant life science experience to join our team in Umeå.


 Dates for financial information and other events
June 4, 2020
Erik Penser Bank Corporate Market Day
Company presentation by CEO Ulf Hannelius.
Live broadcast at 12:30 CET
June 24, 2020
Quarterly Report III
Quarterly Report 3 2019/2020
October 7, 2020
Year-End Report
Year-End Report 2019/2020

Company Presentation

Given the prevailing times, we are fortunate at Diamyd Medical to have solid finances and a strong position with the diabetes vaccine Diamyd®, our lead candidate.

Ulf Hannelius
President and CEO, Diamyd Medical AB


Diamyd Medical is a Swedish clinical-stage diabetes company active in the field of pharmaceutical development
The share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (ticker: DMYD B)

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  • Diabetes

    10-20% of the more than 400 million living with diabetes suffer from the autoimmune form of the disease, where the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells. Preserving the insulin producing ability may decrease the risk of complications among patients with autoimmune diabetes by 60-80 percent.

  • Products

    The antigen-specific immunotherapy Diamyd® and the regenerative and immunomodulatory therapy Remygen® are two novel disease-modifying drugs in clinical development phase, aiming to preserve and regenerate the patients’ own insulin production.

  • Clinical Trials

    The efficacy of intralymphatic administration of Diamyd® on preserving the insulin producing ability in type 1 diabetes is being confirmed in the Phase IIb trial DIAGNODE-2. The safety and efficacy of Remygen® on stimulating growth of insulin producing cells in type 1 diabetes is being evaluated for the first time in the Phase I/II trial ReGenerate-1.

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