October 6, 2017   Spain
DIAGNODE-2 clinical trial Investigator Meeting in Barcelona

Diamyd Medical arranges a two days Investigator Meeting for the European Phase II study DIAGNODE-2 attended by investigators, diabetes nurses, study managers and coordinators from Czech Republic, Sweden and Spain.
Professor Johnny Ludvigsson, Coordinating Investigator of the diabetes trial DIAGNODE-2, is leading the meeting held in Barcelona, Spain. The participants are presented to trial design, protocol and study management as a part of the preparation of the trial start and patient recruitment.

The placebo controlled phase II clinical trial DIAGNODE-2 will include approximately 80 patients from Spain, the Czech Republic and Sweden aged 12-24 years, recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The patients will be followed for 15 months with the aim to evaluate the remaining insulin producing capacity.

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