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    Intralymphatic immunotherapy

    with Diamyd®

Anmälan om deltagande vid årsstämma

Årsstämma hålls torsdagen den 15 november 2018 kl. 17:00 på Hotell Kung Carl, Birger Jarlsgatan 21 i Stockholm.
Sista datum för anmälan är den 9 november.

The results from DIAGNODE-1 are very positive and are to date the strongest results that have ever been shown with Diamyd®.

Ulf Hannelius
President and CEO, Diamyd Medical AB


Diamyd Medical is a Swedish clinical-stage diabetes company active in the field of pharmaceutical development
The share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North (ticker: DMYD B)

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  • Diabetes

    10-20% of the more than 400 million living with diabetes suffer from the autoimmune form of the disease, where the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells. Preserving the insulin producing ability may decrease the risk of complications among patients with autoimmune diabetes by 60-80 percent.

  • Products

    The antigen-specific immunotherapy Diamyd® and the regenerative and immunomodulatory therapy Remygen® are two novel disease-modifying drugs in clinical development phase, aiming to preserve and regenerate the patients’ own insulin production.

  • Clinical Trials

    The effifficacy of intralymphatic administration of Diamyd® on preserving the insulin producing ability in type 1 diabetes is being confirmed in the PhaseIIb trial DIAGNODE-2. The safety and efficacy of Remygen® on stimulating growth of insulin producing cells in type 1 diabetes will be evaluated for the first time in 2018.