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Fighting diabetes

Diamyd Medical is a diabetes company active in the field of pharmaceutical development. The Company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North (ticker: DMYD B).
To benefit from increasing interest in the diabetes vaccine, we are now focusing our energy on bringing on board industrial partners.
Diabetes is associated with serious complications due to elevated and fluctuating blood sugar levels, causing substantial suffering and extensive costs for society.
When we presented the new Diamyd Medical in May 2013, we established three key strategic factors to be able to prevent, treat and cure type 1 diabetes and other forms of autoimmune diabetes. These...
Diamyd® is a GAD-based therapy under development for the treatment and prevention of autoimmune diabetes such as type 1 diabetes and LADA. Treatment with Diamyd® aims to intervene in the autoimmune...
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