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Anders Essen-Möller, Chairman. Born in 1941. M.Sc . Founder of and CEO during  1996-2007 of former Diamyd Medical. Board member since 1996, Chairman in former Diamyd Medical since 2007. Anders Essen-Möller also founded Synectics Medical AB, which was sold to Medtronic Inc. in1996. Other assignments : Member of the Board of Mertiva AB. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 958 584 A shares, 3 613 455 B shares.
Maria-Teresa Essen-Möller, Board Member. Born in 1970. M.Sc. in Business Administration. Board Member of former Diamyd Medical since 2009. Account Manager at Creuna AB. Maria-Teresa Essen-Möller was head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications in former Diamyd Medical during 1997-1999. Other assignments: No other assignments. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 24 000 B shares.
Erik Nerpin, Board Member. Born in 1961. Lawyer, partner in the law firm Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton. Independent of the Company and its principal owners. Other assignments: Chairman of Cassandra Oil AB and Kancera AB. Board member of Aqeri Holding AB, HCH Sweden Holding AB, Igrene AB, Blasieholmen Investment Group AB, Otirol Art AB, European Resolution Capital in Sweden AB, the Swedish subsidiaries of Lundin Mining Corp. and Coastal Contacts Inc. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 15 400 B shares.


Peter Zerhouni, President and CEO. Born in 1972. M.Sc. in Biology and a B.Sc. in Economics & Business Administration from Lund University and UC Berkeley. From 1999 to 2006 Peter Zerhouni held various positions at ING Bank in Brussels and Amsterdam. Peter Zerhouni joined former Diamyd Medical in 2006 and was appointed CEO in 2011. Peter Zerhouni has no significant appointments outside the Company. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 70 000 B shares.
Erika Hillborg, Senior Director Clinical Development. Born in 1967. M.Sc. in Biomedicine from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, with a Science Journalism degree from Uppsala University. Erika Hillborg joined former Diamyd Medical in 2006. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 6 000 B shares.
Anna Styrud, Chief Financial Officer. Born in 1961. B.Sc. in Business Administration from Uppsala University. Prior experience include Treasurer of Vasakronan AB and various positions in finance and control at Fläkt AB and National Board of Public Building. Anna Styrud joined former Diamyd Medical in 2010. Holdings in Diamyd Medical as of August 31, 2013: 21 000 B-shares.
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