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About Diamyd Medical

Diamyd Medical is a diabetes company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company develops the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® with the active ingredient GAD, which has the potential to become a key piece of the puzzle of a future solution to prevent, treat or cure type 1 diabetes and other forms of diabetes. Diamyd Medical has independently pursued the development of the diabetes vaccine Diamyd® to global Phase III trials, leading to one of Sweden’s largest biotech agreements ever.

Diamyd Medical was spun off from Mertiva AB in April 2013 and was capitalized with SEK 50 million to continue the work to find a cure for autoimmune diabetes, focusing on continued development of the diabetes vaccine Diamyd®.

In May 2013, the company secured a new exclusive license for a patent application for the specific combination therapy GAD plus the endogenous substance GABA, which has demonstrated favorable results in preclinical trials. The license also encompasses rights for the therapeutic use of GABA to treat diabetes and other inflammation-related disorders.

Diamyd Medical’s shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm First North under the ticker DMYD B.

Diamyd Medical also has a holding in the gene therapy company Periphagen Holdings, Inc. (USA).